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1. Identifying training programs (including alternatives like recognition of prior learning) and gathering information (core data) through desk study and selected interviews.

2. Identifying professional profiles where they are available in order to check also which is the reality of the sector in each country.

3. Analyzing the content by “comparing them with / translating them in” the ESCO competences.

4. Comparing the 3 profiles with the EQF descriptors and defining the level.

5. Checking and analyzing assessment methods, classifying them against a list of standard assessment procedures.

6. Checking and analyzing quality measures taken in the different institutes and, where applicable, on a national level.

7. Classifying assessment/quality measures against a set of quality measures developed based on the principles set out in ISO/IEC 17024 as well as against the quality measures used in the different countries.

8. Delivering of an ideal framework that takes no account of the practical and financial restrictions and of a realistic framework that fits the actual situation.

9. The last section of the project will be carried out through tables of discussion together with the stakeholders’ representatives in order to get to a final report on the common position.


Detailed Methodology

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