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Newsletter #3 and Final Report

The Newsletter #3 and the FINAL REPORT of the TALQ are finally online… check nad download all the updates at the following pages:


Newsletter #2 online

The Newsletter #2 is finally online and the Final Report of the TALQ project is next to come. Stay tuned on talqproject.org !

Newsletter #2

December, 24th 2017


Interim Report

Finally online the Interim Report and the Newsletter #1.

Click and Download.

Interim Stand

On April 24th and 25th the TALQ project will meet its intermediate deadline.

The interim results will be discussed in the frame of two consecutive sessions, both hosted in the frame of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee “Live Performance”.

On April 24th, the Researchers will present the main outputs of the nine-months research in a roundtable involving members of the EU Agency, Social Partners representatives as well as external experts. Moreover, a stakeholder group including Employers’ and Employees’ national Entities will be involved on remote.

The aim of the meeting is to share and discuss the adopted methodology, collecting feedbacks leading to the definition of a first draft text proposing quality frameworks supported by a reliable background of information.

Further results of this meeting will be presented the day after at the plenary session of the Sectoral Social Dialogue which will take place in Brussels as well.

Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee “Live Performance” Plenary meeting on 14 December 2016

The TALQ project will be introduced to Social Partners in the frame of the next Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee “Live Performance”. The plenary meeting will take place on December 14th in Brussels and it will be the occasion to share the aims of the project in details, as well as the questionnaire which the partners will be asked to fill in. The entire team of research of the TALQ project will be attending the session.

Previous publications


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pdfEQF e Formazione per lo spettacolo dal vivo: piccola riflessione su una possibile opportunità , in “COSTRUIRE & RIPARARE – LA CREATIVITA’ SVILUPPA COMPETENZE”





pdfPEARLE* EURO-MEI Training Forum 2009 – A report on theatre technical training in EU 1998 – 2008







Researchers’ team

Umberto Bellodi

ubBorn in 1977, he received a Master’s degree in philosophy from the Università degli Studi in Milan. Later, he specialized in the field of training for the performing arts at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where he has been working on programs on technical training since 2003. He is currently the person in charge for international projects on cultural cooperation co-financed by the European Social Fund and other public and private entities in and outside EU, with publications on this subject. In this context, he worked as a lecturer teaching European communitarian projects and funding at the Management Faculty of DAMU University in Prague, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano and Accademia Teatro alla Scala. Since January 2010 he is among the experts on the EU community programs assisting the ‘Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency’ for the management of programs in the fields of education, training, audiovisual, culture, youth and citizenship.

Dianella Chiodi


Born in 1979, she holds a Master’s degree in Piano from the Conservatorio ‘G. Verdi’ in Milan and a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Since 2001 she has mainly dedicated herself to  piano teaching and to theatre, video, and music production, through collaborations as assistant director, production manager, pianist and reviewer (Teatri 90 Festival, Ticalma Group, Edizioni Zero). In 2008 and 2009 she was responsible for the web tv channel created by C6.tv for the MITO SettembreMusica International Music Festival managing the production of videos, live streaming, interviews with artists and daily newscast for two editions of the festival. Since 2009 she has been working for the Accademia Teatro alla Scala managing international projects on cultural cooperation co-financed by the European Social Fund and other public and private entities in and outside the EU.

Chris Van Goethem

chris-van-goethemstepp-logoChris Van Goethem is researcher at the Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre and coordinates the international and professional development projects for STEPP vzw. He chaired the ESCO SREF “arts, entertainment and recreation” and was vice chair of the OISTAT Education Commission from 2004 till 2012. He has been involved in international projects on developing competence profiles and their implementation on the field.



The research is supported by relevant institutions in the frame of the Sectoral social dialogue – Live performance:

pearle-new_color_for-websitePearle*-Live Performance Europe is the European federation representing through its members and associations about 7.000 theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, concert halls, venues and other organisations within the performing arts and music sector across Europe. Pearle*-Live Performance Europe acts as a forum for exchanging information of relevance to members, for sharing experiences in cultural management and technical skills, for supporting and assisting the formation of employers’ associations. Moreover it serves as the body to make representations to the European Commission and any other authorities whose deliberations may affect the work of the Performing Arts in Europe.

uniUNI MEI is the division of UNI Europa representing workers in the media, entertainment, arts and sports sectors (staff freelance, independent and contract workers). It brings together over 100 union and guilds in over 70 countries. UNI MEI caters to the special concerns of unions and similar associations whose members are engaged in mass media, entertainment and the arts. UNI MEI serves as a point of contact for its affiliates and the members they represent in this increasingly internationalized sector. It is a clearing house for information useful to them, particularly that regarding bi-national or multinational productions, or movement of employees across national borders. It is concerned with issues ranging from ownership structure evolution, trade policy and technological change to copyright and neighbouring rights, piracy and censorship. It acts to exchange information about collective agreements, legal standards and practices of the categories it represents at an international level.