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Previous publications

CALL FOR PROPOSALS – EACEA/48/2015 Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform, Support to European Policy Tools. Quality assurance at European level for enhanced transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications || PROJECT – 576008-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPKA3-TRANS-SQ


Promoting Flexsecurity inside the performing arts labour market





pdfSectorbevraging freelance technici in de culturele sector, Kenniscentrum Podiumtechnieken / Pianofabriek





pdfBuilding blocks for unique people, Expertise centre for technical performing arts





pdfSCENART – Raport, ESF Romania






pdfLavorare nello spettacolo – Elettricista teatrale, Realizzatore luci, Lighting designer, Quaderni di Città dei Mestieri





pdfEQF e Formazione per lo spettacolo dal vivo: piccola riflessione su una possibile opportunità , in “COSTRUIRE & RIPARARE – LA CREATIVITA’ SVILUPPA COMPETENZE”





pdfPEARLE* EURO-MEI Training Forum 2009 – A report on theatre technical training in EU 1998 – 2008







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