About TALQ

The TALQ proposed a research activity to map national qualifications and certificates to ESCO-based international profiles. The investigation activity represents the basis to identify and test possible procedures, approaches and quality criteria shared and applicable at European level. The project’s activities have been developed according to the policies related to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), thus linking international profiles to EQF.

The targeted profiles selected belong to ISCO 08 / 3435 / Artistic and cultural associate professionals not elsewhere classified. Ideally, the project focuses on the following ESCO profile:

  • lighting technician
  • lighting operator
  • lighting designer

TALQ project aimed at providing an exhaustive mapping in at least 10 eligible countries, starting from a quick scan of the whole EU. TALQ searched and analyzed contents and structures of existing training and formal education systems, matching them with information on labor market and qualifications and mapping them against the ESCO competences of the chosen profiles. The process of defining the EQF level was based on the work of a group of experts chosen by the stakeholders and used a quantitative as well as a qualitative approach to reach consensus. Moreover, TALQ took advantage of the investigation to develop a common set of quality assurance principles and quality criteria for the assessment, validation and award of qualifications procedure. The aim is to implement a standard pattern that can be applied and customized to other similar profiles within and outside the sector of reference.

TALQ is led by the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in collaboration with STEPP vzw and the Social partners UNI Europa and Pearle* (Sectoral social dialogue – Live performance).

Follow TALQ’s results in the streaming presentation at the ESCO Launch Conference in Brussels, October 10th 2017.